Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Enjoying the ticket

Hey guys! I'm writing this on - ahhh yesss - my free days. I have to say, that I really like the work I got and I can be really lucky I found this really nice place, where I could start without solving any big apprenticeship before. But, since I work in a tourism field now, I used my free days to educate myself more... Or let's say, to get to know Berlin better, since everyone asks me "where is this?", "where is that?", "how can I get there?". Due to my lack of knowledge it feels always a little uncomfortable trying to win some time, blabbing "weeell, let us have a look together on the map!"... Christ, I usually have really no idea at all. :D
Long story short - I used my "environment" ticket (for bus, tram, city railway and whatsoever) and did some "sightseeing" in Berlin Mitte. :D Achievement unlocked!

While strolling around at the riverside I always saw these neat boats like you can see below. I also heard a lot about them at work. Before moving to Berlin it was out of discussion for me doing anything related to fun at the riverside in this city. You do a boat tour in Hamburg, yes; but in Berlin?! Well, seems it is quite popular, so I guess I will strongly annoy my boyfriend in the near future to do a little Spree tour with me. :P

Weather was horrible as usual, so I tried some sort of program with my camera. Just made the photos more brownish, but well, I guess rather brownish then greyish. :)
See you soon! Hibi

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Walking Tour

Hello guys! Due to good news last Friday I felt myself appointed to get more knowledge about Berlin (yes, guys. I will start an awesome job in April). Therefore I was suggested to maybe participate in a free walking tour. During my short stay in Buenos Aires last year in December, I heard already about these tours, but never went to accompany one of those (I'm a mind on my own, when it comes to sightseeing tours).

This wasn't part of the tour, but on my way home. :D

So on Saturday I decided to do my first free walking tour here in Berlin (here is a link to their webpage). It was really nice. You see most of Berlin's important places within 2.5 hours and learn about Berlin's history; it was mainly about the two world wars and information about the reunification - things you usually know as a German, but way better pictured, since you are THERE, not somewhere in school reading these bits. 

So yes. I liked the tour. The only bad thing was, that it was a dull, rainy day (which is not the tour's fault) and that my bank was nowhere to find, a circumstance, that made me tip the tour guide in a really bad way. I'm still embarrased, that I didn't come with more money. Y U NO THINK OF THAT, HIBI?! So yeah... did the tour almost for free. ;_; 

The photos I took I really don't like. The weather was just too bad, but the tour gave me a really nice inspiration, where to go to again. So soon, you'll maybe see more photos of Berlin Mitte on here. ;)
再见! Hibi

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A glance at my neighbourhood

Yes. I finally got off my lazy bottom again and took a look at some religious houses of Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Tempelhof in Berlin, so basically in my neighbourhood. Also today's post has the "new" category called trips, in which I want to share practically all my little (or sometimes even big) voyages with you guys. 
For these photos I used the GIMP program again; still to get more familiar with features I haven't used often. Well, without any further ado: Here are the religious houses from my surround:

Sehitlik mosque in Tempelhof
 Protestant church "am Südstern" in Kreuzberg
 St.-Johannes-Basilika in Neukölln

I like that there are lots of different types of architecture here in Berlin. It feels like all buildings and houses are a huge patchwork family, with different shapes, styles, materials and background stories. There seem to be no neighbourhoods exclusively for one kind, for what I experienced until now. There can be one square having totally different buildings facing each other: some can look kind of whacky, others quite kaput, again some chic and fancy or even simply neutral. Wow, and you can find all that in just one little square, if you're lucky! Bellissimo!

See you soon, Hibi

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Going for a stroll

As mentioned a few days ago I went to Berlin-Mitte to get myself a city map. On my way I took some photos and here I'd like to share them with you. Again I used the GIMP image manipulating program to get familiar with its features.

Found this girl statue in the Neptunbrunnen, close to the Alexanderplatz, and in my opinion she looked rather dull, as if she'd ask herself this one little question, everyone asks oneself once in a while. Again I played with swapping the colours, like in the pictures I showed you in "The sky is orange."

Close to my place there is a small park (or huge, I actually don't really know) and there I found these cute fellas: two precious little goatlings. 

And last but (also) least a photo of the crap entrance of the house I live in. I tried to make it look spooky with a random "old photo" filter. Don't really like it, but well. It's the first try and I guess I tried out at least all functions regarding colour and filters so far. So, that's a good thing in my opinion. :D

See you soon, Hibi!

Monday, 2 March 2015

The sky is orange!

I finally managed to get myself a city map of Berlin. Wherever I move or travel to - in order to get to know the place better I need a map. So eventually after more than one month of living in the capital I could cross that thing off of my "things to do to make Berlin more homey"-list. 
Since the walk to the Alexanderplatz, where I suspected the closest info-point to my place, is quite long I snapped at the chance to take some photos of my surround. I made few of the St. Thomas church, located in Kreuzberg.

Just recently I downloaded the free image manipulation program GIMP. I tried out a bunch of nice features to edit the photos I took of the church and I have to say, that turning the colours really got me, changing the blue sky into orange I liked the most. Of course my photos don't look perfect, but I am really motivated in learning a lot about the program and its functions, especially since I am planning on saving for an SLR camera and maybe becoming a real hobby photographer (time to get a considerable hobby next to just strolling around on planet Earth I suppose)!

See you soon,