Monday, 2 March 2015

The sky is orange!

I finally managed to get myself a city map of Berlin. Wherever I move or travel to - in order to get to know the place better I need a map. So eventually after more than one month of living in the capital I could cross that thing off of my "things to do to make Berlin more homey"-list. 
Since the walk to the Alexanderplatz, where I suspected the closest info-point to my place, is quite long I snapped at the chance to take some photos of my surround. I made few of the St. Thomas church, located in Kreuzberg.

Just recently I downloaded the free image manipulation program GIMP. I tried out a bunch of nice features to edit the photos I took of the church and I have to say, that turning the colours really got me, changing the blue sky into orange I liked the most. Of course my photos don't look perfect, but I am really motivated in learning a lot about the program and its functions, especially since I am planning on saving for an SLR camera and maybe becoming a real hobby photographer (time to get a considerable hobby next to just strolling around on planet Earth I suppose)!

See you soon,


  1. Interessante Bilder :) normalerweise mag ich so überbearbeitet aber die sind lustig :)
    Willkommen zurück auf Follower :D ohja, man wächst vor allem an Schwierigkeiten :)

    1. Ja, ich stimme dir zu: übertrieben bearbeitete Bilder sind halt... übertrieben :D Aber da ich das Programm besser kennenlernen möchte, probiere ich zurzeit auch mal Sachen aus, die ich vorher halt nie genutzt hatte. :)