Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Walking Tour

Hello guys! Due to good news last Friday I felt myself appointed to get more knowledge about Berlin (yes, guys. I will start an awesome job in April). Therefore I was suggested to maybe participate in a free walking tour. During my short stay in Buenos Aires last year in December, I heard already about these tours, but never went to accompany one of those (I'm a mind on my own, when it comes to sightseeing tours).

This wasn't part of the tour, but on my way home. :D

So on Saturday I decided to do my first free walking tour here in Berlin (here is a link to their webpage). It was really nice. You see most of Berlin's important places within 2.5 hours and learn about Berlin's history; it was mainly about the two world wars and information about the reunification - things you usually know as a German, but way better pictured, since you are THERE, not somewhere in school reading these bits. 

So yes. I liked the tour. The only bad thing was, that it was a dull, rainy day (which is not the tour's fault) and that my bank was nowhere to find, a circumstance, that made me tip the tour guide in a really bad way. I'm still embarrased, that I didn't come with more money. Y U NO THINK OF THAT, HIBI?! So yeah... did the tour almost for free. ;_; 

The photos I took I really don't like. The weather was just too bad, but the tour gave me a really nice inspiration, where to go to again. So soon, you'll maybe see more photos of Berlin Mitte on here. ;)
再见! Hibi


  1. Genau, ich würde auch nicht ausschließen dass ich mich irgendwann selbstständig mache, schließlich entwickel ich mich ja auch weiter. Wenn ich endlich anfangen würde andere Leute zu fotografieren wäre es mit der Zeit auch bestimmt nicht mehr so "angsteinflößend" für mich xD Und ja, die Arbeitswelt ist was ganz anderes als die Schule :D
    Das mit der Jobsuche kenne ich :( Aber du hast jetzt einen gefunden?

    Schade dass das Wetter auf der Tour so doof war :(

  2. Sehr schöne Bilder!
    Nach Berlin möchte ich auch unbedingt nochmal :)
    xx Lia